Family Life

Adelia Lopez at home on
Norman Road, 1945

Alvina Adama with eighteen
Grandchildren, December 1953

Antonia and Soledad
Cervantez, 1915

Arthur Gorian and
James Valdez, 1949

Birthday Celebration, 1981

Block Party on
Sequoia Street, 1983

Christmas at the Hambly's, 1982

Christmas time on
Norman Road, 1953

Gary and Hortenzia Caddell with
baby Erica and son Gary, 1970s

Caddell Family Reunion, 1995

David Green Family, 1953

David Mendoza, 1946

Edna Randall with Son Benjamine
and Daughter Dorthey, 1930

Dorothey and Benny
Randall, 1930

Eileen, Lily and
Aunt Rhoda, 1913-1914

Family Visits Grandfather
at Hospital, 1999

Filipino Celebration
Dining on "Lechon", 1994

First Snow for Sherman
and Anna, 1954

Gertrude Whitney with
son Bob, 1942

Gomez brothers
and sister, 1940

Gomez family

Grimes Ranch at Baseline
and Del Rosa, 1898

Howard Davis, Jr. family, 1958

Jessica and sisters in PJs, 1984

Jessica and Cindy ready
for school, 1984

Wedding of
Ronna and Keith, 1991

Irene's home, early 1950s

John Mercer and Model
Car Collection, 1962

Joseph Brown home, 1889

Juana and
Annie Gonzalez, 1951

Loetz Family on Oak Street, 1915

Manuel and Jessie Gomez
Christmas party, 1984

Manuel and Jessie Gomez
at a wedding, 1942

Marines collect toys for
Santa Claus Inc., 1959

Mercer Family

Mother Goose Day
Nursery, 1966

Mountain View Cemetery, 1919

Neil and Nephews, 1980s

158 South "E" St.
Joseph Brown home, 1889

9th and "E" St. home of
Margaret Slater Hudson, 1884

Orange Show, the Root
Beer Barrel booth, 1923

Quarter Midget car with
girl driver

Randall sisters, 1948

Ray Fine and Grandma
Rhoda Fine

Rhoda Fine at Home
on Hazel and H Street, 1916

Ruben's birthday party, 1960

Sun Company staff in costume for Covered Wagon Days, 1947

View from Shandin Hills, 1928

The Flores' 1952 Chevrolet, 1977

Thomas Tompkins, San Bernardino Pioneer, 1914

Walter Tompkins Family, 1924

Toys for Santa, 1958

Valdez brothers, 1944

Wedding of Estella Hill and
Donald Lucas, 1950s

Wedding Reception for
Jackie, 1967

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