Marilyn and Carolyn
Randall, 1945

Adelina Lopez and
Stella Lopez, 1955

Anna Fine Graduation
Portrait, 1899

Anna Fine, Teacher at Urbita
School on H and Adell St., 1905

August Santini Polishes
His Airplane at Tri-City
Airport, 1947

Bar Mitzvah, Jack
with his Grandparents,
not dated

Ben Randall, 1916

Beverly Towne age 15, 1890s

Bradley School, 1952

Brothers Bill and Bob
at Home, 262 E. 9th St., 1934

Cervantes Family, 1890s

Charles Gramenz, mid 1930s

Charlotte Pauline Tea in
Her First Formal, June 1937

Clara Belle Randall, 1913

Dorothy Bright

David Mendoza, 1970

Ellwood Barrett and
His New Dodge, 1940

First Communion for

49th Street Kids, 1967

49th Street Kids, 1967

Fourth Street School
Kindergarten Class, 1919

Frances, Ross, Don,
and Rex

Fourth Street School
Fifth Grade Class, 1925

Fred and Bob Hambly
Home, 262 East 9th St., 1943

Garth and Charlotte
Tea, 1930

Gary Caddell Family,

Gregorio and Manuela
Quintana, 1887

Gonzalo and Jovita Valles,
not dated

Harding Elementary School,

Henry Goodcell, Jr. and
Mary Bennett Goodcell,
not dated

Henry Jr., Rex, Roscoe
and Fred Goodcell

High School Prom,

Jack and His Truck,
not dated

Jesus Velez, 1945

Joel Martin, Jr. at 3rd and
D Street, 1923

John & Julia Bianchi,
not dated

Judith Valles as a High
School Student

Katheryn Tea in
Mountains Near
Blue Jay, 1926

KFXM Publicity Picture, 1943

Lalo Mendoza, Fort Bevoir,
VA, May 1943

Leaders Club at the YMCA,

Lincoln School, 1925

Marthenia and Earlene, 1960

Mary Bell Flint on Grounds
of Family Olive Ranch

Masako and Her Mother
(Second row, third from right), 1915

Masako Hirata, Elizabeth
Ogawa & Helen Hirata, 1918

Mayor John Ralph at
Camp Picnic, June 1930

McIver Builders Girl
Softball Team, 1966

Mother with Daughter
and Son, 1924

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Mt. Vernon School - Lily
Tompkins, 5th from left, 1911-12

Newmark Little League
Cubs, 1967

Old Mission School, 1904

Oscar Caddell, 1953

Pacific Hotel, 293 3rd

Paul Tea, Fire Inspector,

Rachel Mendoza,
3 years old, December 1949

Ramona School
Kindergarten Class, 1954

Rex, Roscoe, and Fred

Roscoe, Fred and
Rex Goodcell

Robert, Susanne and
son Rowyn, 1997

Roberta Caddell
and Son Joe, 1924

Rolf Family Portrait, 1895

Ruth and Roy Mercer
at wedding of son
James to Jzaren

Ruth A. Thomson Memorial
School, 5th Grade, 1955-56

San Bernardino

High School
Brass Quartet, 1942

San Bernardino High School
Business Class, 1962 ca

Sara's First Holy
Communion, 1928

Sturges Academy
Graduation, 1894

Vera Martinez Quiroz,

Violet, Daisy, Mabel
and Rhoda Tompkins,

Kathleen Guthrie and
her father James A. Guthrie
June 25, 1948

Wedding Day for
Kathleen Guthrie and
John Lonergan,
June 25, 1948

Wedding of Archie and
Mary Caddell, 1955

Wedding of Clara and
Frank Martinez, 1952

Wedding of Fay Ray Kitay
to Bob Bascom, 1963

Wedding of Karen Silver
and Jay Barnett, 1994

Wedding of Ruth and
Roy Mercer, 1949

William Ira Fine, 1912

William Pope Visits
Train Car, 1960

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