Work Life

A. Horowitz Clothing Store, 1898

Ambrose, Will & Albert
Alexander's farm on West
7th Street, 1918

American GI Forum, 1962

Arthur Gorian at his store, 1940

August Santini working at
his father's dairy

Ben Randall at his business, 1945

Blanche Tompkins, lab
worker at San Bernadino
County Hospital, 1948

Brill Clothing, 1948

Brill Store, 1938

Cajon Grill, 1930s

Cardiff Dairy, 1910

Central Dairy, 1922

Charles H. Gramenz'
Barbershop, 1930's-1940's

City Employees Picnic
at Camp Cajon, Sept. 6, 1930

City Yards replacing lights,

Covered Wagon Days at the
Sun Company, 1947

Design Dept. California
Division of Highway 8,
August 13, 1971

Fire Inspectors at Norton
Air Force Base, 1943

Fourth Street Market, 1918

Frank M. Towne at his
pharmacy, 3rd & D St., 1900s

Gas Station and Grocery
owned by John Jennings, 1930s

Harry Webster, General
Manager of the Sun, 1917

Hayward Lumber Co.,
2nd & E St., 1936

Herbert E. Gould, Jeweler

Holiday Breakfast for
employees of Inland Center
5 Theaters, December 1986

J. C. Hancock Furniture Store

Jennings Service Center, 1930s

Jennings Service Center
Interior of Store, 1930s

Jack's Place - General Store
and Lunch Counter, 1924

Jack's Place on 3rd Street, 1950

King's Furniture Store, 335
3rd St., not dated

King's Furniture Store,
interior view

Loretta Pope and co-worker
at March Air Force Base, 1940s

Magnolia Market, 1950

Masako Hirata taught 4th
grade at Posten Camp 1, 1943

Meeting at the J. C. Hancock

Melvin Sykes and
Jim Gorman, 1947

Mr. Hirata at his store, 1918

Mrs. R. A. Davis Millinery

Norton Real Estate Office, 1940

Pacific Electric Motor Man

Paving a street, downtown
San Bernardino

R. A. Davis Block, 3rd Street
between "D" and "E" Street

Rachel Mendoza, Mayor's
Secretary & Bobbie Koenig,
Council Secretary, 1960s

Rachel Mendoza Clark, 1967

Ruth visits Wastewater
Treatment Plant

San Bernardino County
Hospital Workders, 1948

San Bernardino High School
Aerial View

San Bernardino High
School Staff, 1963

San Bernardino High School
Mailroom, 1965

Santa Fe Signal Crew, 1920

Santa Fe Signal Crew
(Ray Fine on the left), 1920

Sara Gomez studies nursing,
San Bernardino County
Hospital, 1948

Saw Mill in Little Bear Valley

Seccombe Lake Returns, 1970

Sheriff's posse in San
Bernardino Mountains, 1890

Storytime at the Lawson
Branch Library, 1974

Sturgis Academy

Camp Roberts, CA Summer Field Training, 1967

Sun-Telegram paper girl, 1943

Sun Company Staff in Costume
for Covered Wagon Days, 1947

Telephone Operators
Union 67-A, 1905

Telephone Switchboard, 1905

Third Street

Vagabond Drum and Bugle
Corps Truck at City Hall, 1974

Walter Tompkins, bottom
row, far right, 1900s

Walter Tompkins, man on
the right, Perris Hill, 1911

Ward & Hancock Furniture
Store, 1905

West 7th Street Ranch, 1918

Willie Clark coaches
basketball at Home of
Neighbor Service, 1957

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